Chip Hailstone

UNJ Staff Writer


Hi, I'm Chip, and I'm a Subsistence Hunter in Arctic Alaska.

Together with my wife Agnes, and our kids, we hunt, fish and gather all year round. Here on Kobuk River, the majority of households still practice traditional hunting methods with modern means. We are modern hunter and gatherers.  We make our living in the most healthy manner we can, with lots of natural foods, clean air, and lots of Work.  Besides eating our catch, we utilize the entire animal...skins, teeth and bones as well as gathered materials to make arts and crafts for money.

We move about seasonally, utilizing the resources of this great land and ocean of ours.  Come and read and see what we do to make ends meet and have a good time. There's a lot of us working together and there's lots to see.

Hope you enjoy,



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